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Email your Camper

You are in Parents | Email your Camper

No time to send a letter?  Send a one-way email to your camper and they will receive it the next day!

We are excited to tell you about our partnership with Bunk1.com.  Bunk1's secure, easy to use, summer website services let you stay in touch with your camper.

RETURNING PARENTS: You must make a new account this year, even if you had one last year.  Because this is a new system your old login will no longer be active!

Get Started Today

1. Click this link http://www.bunk1rollcall.com/en/i/274/login

2. Click the "Register Here" link

3. Enter your Invitation Code

4. Fill out all the required information (you will need your camper's cabin name)

5. Purchase Bunk Notes credits (you will need a credit card)

6. Send an email to your camper (we receive them the next day, so don't send one on check-out day)

Questions of problems?  Please call Bunk1 at 1-800-216-9472 or email support@bunk1.com

*There is a nominal fee for this service.  However, Bunk1 donates a portion of these fees to CCO's Camp Fire Circle Scholarship every year.  Thank you Bunk1!


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