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Parent Information

Packing For Camp


For Traditional Camp, Adventure Trips and Leadership Training Program packing lists see Packing List under the Camper or Parent section.

Packing Tips:

- Send old clothes and linens to camp. Some items may be lost or damaged.

- Mark ALL of your camper's belongings with their FULL NAME (not just initials).

- Our weather can be unpredictable! Our temperatures usually reach 75 to 80 degrees in the daytime all summer and drop to 20° to 40° at night. Our summers offer beautiful, sunny days with occasional afternoon showers and cool, crisp evenings and nights.

- If you do not have items on the packing list, we suggest you look for them at discount or secondhand store.



*Skate Boards
*Expensive Items
*Tank/Tube Sleeveless Tops
*Spending Money
*Cell Phones
*iPods or MP3 Players
*Electronic Games

Camp Chief Ouray is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Lost & Found
Camp Chief Ouray is not responsible for lost items. We will do all that we can to ensure that your child returns with all of the items brought to camp. If your child is missing items upon your return home, you will need to call the camp office within ONE WEEK of their departure and we will be happy to search for the item(s) and mail them to you. Due to limited storage, camp will only keep Lost and Found items from each session for one week only at which time they will be donated to charity.

For more information, please see our complete Parent Handbook (link below).

Health And Safety

Facility and Staff
- We have a well-equipped Health Center on camp grounds with a RESIDENT NURSE in charge of medications and first-aid needs.

- Our local hospital, Middle Park Medical Center (MPMC), is 15 minutes away from camp. MPMC is an emergency center offering 24 hour care and consultation.

- Our health care staff reside in the Health Center during the camp season between the last week in May through Labor Day. They may be contacted during this time. The year round administrative staff can make notations regarding specific health needs for your child’s records during the remainder of the year.

Camp Chief Ouray does everything possible to ensure a healthy, fun and safe camping experience for your child.

On-Site Care:
Our Health Center staff is available 24 hours a day for general first-aid. Parents are contacted by our health care staff if a camper's illness or injury requires treatment by the camp's clinic physicians or the camper is retained in our Health Center for a period of 24 hours. Our resident camp nurse will be in communication with both the clinic and both parents regarding the diagnosis, any necessary medications, and the necessary after care treatment.

Medications are dispensed by our nursing staff or specially trained staff after breakfast, lunch, dinner, and before evening vespers. Camp Chief Ouray will supply all necessary over-the-counter medications for common ailments and illnesses per standing orders from our camp physician.

If your child needs to see a doctor:
Transportation to and from MPMC is provided by our camp travel staff for non-emergency trips. Ambulance service is provided by Grand County EMS services for emergencies. A staff member will be with your camper at all times during his/her transport and throughout their entire clinic visit.

Your camper usually is seen through the emergency room portion of MPMC. The clinic portion cannot always schedule appointments for our campers. The only exception is for any type of maintenance injections such as allergy shots. If your camper requires this type of medical treatment, call the camp office.

For more information, please see our complete Parent Handbook (Link below).


Setting Your Child Up For Success

Here are some things you can do to help your child have a successful camp experience:


- It is very natural for kids to get homesick at camp.

- Talk with your child and reinforce all the fun and exciting things they get to do at camp

- DO NOT promise your child that they can call home or that you will come get them if they are homesick. This tells a child that you expect them to fail at camp and makes it much more difficult for our camp staff to help them through their homesickness.

- In the event that your child is extremely homesick, they will meet with one of the camp directors. The camp directors will contact parents only if they feel it is necessary.

- Do not send cell phones to camp. We understand that for many if not all parents it is an expectation to have instant access to communicate with their child. We ask that you help us help your child develop the independence that comes with a session of camp. You may call the office any time if you are in need of speaking with your child and we will do everything in our power to make that happen. For campers traveling before and after camp, please allow us to store their cell phones in the camp office during their stay.

We have high, but reasonable, expectations about our campers’ behavior. If a child's behavior becomes as disruptive as to disturb the experience of the other campers at camp, a decision may be made to remove them from our program.

While the goal for our staff is to create a rapport with campers which encourages campers to talk over and seek ways of handling the pressures they face growing up in today's society, we do not have sufficient staff resources to deal with dependency on alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Campers should expect to give up established habits in these areas while they are at camp out of respect to the camp goals and their fellow campers. Those who will not give up these habits will be sent home at parent's expense and with no refund.

For more information, please see our complete Parent Handbook (link below).


Check-In Day

CHECK-IN AT CAMP IS BETWEEN 1:30 P.M. AND 4:00 P.M. SUNDAY (Except Mini-Camp 2)

Make sure that all paperwork has been completed thoroughly 30 days prior to your arrival.

PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE ANY EARLIER THAN 1:30 P.M. We need the time prior to 1:30 p.m. to properly prepare for your child's arrival. We ask that you try to arrive no later than 4:00 p.m., and we would appreciate you letting us know if you expect to be late. The first meal served to all campers is dinner at 5:45 p.m.

ALL campers are required to check-in. Upon arrival in the camp parking lot, proceed to the check-in tables located inside the upper level of the Main Camp Building. Our check-in includes receiving the camper's cabin assignment and a health screening including a temperature and lice check (as required by Colorado state law). Any campers arriving with medications need to be prepared to hand them over to the Health Center staff.

You may hand over luggage to our crew who will tag and deliver heavy items to cabins. Campers will take their sleeping bag, pillow and daypack with them to the cabin to set up their bunk bed.

We make every effort to make this check-in as efficient as possible, but you should plan on spending approximately an hour at check-in. We encourage you to visit your child's cabin and meet his/her counselors after you check-in.

We do ask that you plan to say good-bye to your child by 4:00 p.m., as most children will be at camp by that time, and the cabin groups will begin their camp tours and "getting acquainted" activities.

For more information, please see our complete Parent Handbook (link below).


Staying connected with Social Media

Keep updated on happenings at Camp Chief Ouray by liking us on Facebook,  Check out the blog on our website.

To follow us on our blog, go to http://blog.campchiefouray.org/.  

To join Facebook, go to www.facebook.com and create a free account. You can search for Camp Chief Ouray on Facebook or click the Facebook icon in the upper right-hand corner of this page.


Camp Life

Cabin Life

All children will be living in cabin groups with children of their same age or grade.  The youngest campers will live in three dormitory-style buildings.  There are bathrooms on each floor of these buildings.  The older children will live in eighteen rustic cabins (nine for boys/nine for girls).  There are two centrally located toilet/shower facilities, one designated for boys; one designated for girls.  Responsibility for the cleanliness and basic up-keep of the cabins and bathroom facilities is divided between the cabins.  The cabin unit is our basic and most important group at camp;  they play, work and eat together the whole week.  Here your camper will learn about the “give and take” of group living, understanding others and making new friends.  

Cabin Assignments and Roommate Requests

It is our belief that each camper will have a significantly better camp experience by not requesting a cabin mate.  Our counselors are trained to build cabin unity and make each camper feel welcome from the moment the session begins. This encourages our campers to expand their comfort zone and make new friends while at camp. However, we do recognize that going to camp with a friend may make the adjustment process easier for some campers.

  • We do allow each camper to make one cabin mate request
  • Your camper’s request must be within one year or less apart in age
  • Also, the cabin mate request must be mutual between campers
  • Requesting more than one cabin mate may void any request
  • We do not guarantee placement


All meals are served family-style in Chipeta Dining Hall.  A well-balanced, varied menu is served and a vegetarian menu is available.  Special restricted dietary needs should be documented in the camper’s registration. Campers will share in the responsibility for setting the table for their cabin and for post-meal clean-up.  Each cabin is supervised by its counselors at meals.  


Weekend Camp

- Campers registered for more than one session are welcome to stay at camp between sessions.
- There is an additional fee (with exception of LTP campers).

- We assume that campers staying more than one session will be with us for the time between sessions, unless otherwise instructed by the parent/guardian.

- We have an appropriate number of staff who will supervise our weekend campers. These campers and staff will enjoy a relaxed time doing activities at a slightly slower pace than the regular camp session. Possible activities might include hikes, games, swimming, mini golf...

- Laundry: Those campers who are attending more than one session will have laundry done for them at the Snow Mountain Ranch commercial laundry facility.  This includes our Leadership Training Programs. Each camper's clothing is placed in an individual mesh bag and washed in cold water and dried. Sometimes these bags break open; make certain all of your camper's clothing is well labeled.


Payment & Refund Policy

Payment Policy

Your fee statement will indicate your base camp fee, session number and dates, requested transportation, any special programming such as the trail ride, rafting and challenge course, any appropriate discounts, and deposits. If there are any errors, please contact the office. You will only receive the initial statement. Also available on-line if you registered there. No further statements reflecting interim or final payments will be sent, unless necessary for credit card payments.

All payments are required to be in the camp office at least 30 days prior to the arrival of your child at camp.

Camp Chief Ouray reserves the right to cancel any registration if the monies are not received in the office by the thirty day deadline. YOUR CANCELLED CHECKS OR CREDIT CARD STATEMENTS ARE YOUR RECEIPTS for your deposit(s), interim payments, and final payments. Retain the fee statement for your records and for any tax reimbursement you may need at the end of the year.

Refund Policy

YOUR DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. (Regardless of when a cancellation is received).

If you cancel your child's camp reservation 30 days prior to your child’s arrival date at camp, a 75% refund of any amount paid on your balance will be issued. Any transportation fee paid with your deposit can be applied to your final balance should you cancel this service at least thirty days prior to your child's initial attendance. There will be no refund of transportation fees if notice is given to the camp office less than thirty days prior to your child's arrival at camp.

- There will be no refunds when a child goes home early in cases of disciplinary action or homesickness.
- There will be no refunds should you cancel a special program activity (Rafting, Riding, Challenge Course) less than thirty days prior to the child's arrival at camp.
- Refunds will be issued for medical reasons only with written verification from a physician.

For more information, please see our complete Parent Handbook (link below).

Check-Out Day


The camp gates will open approximately at 3:15 P.M.  Authorized adults must show ID and will be given a slip of paper to give to their child's counselor.  There will be a short presentation in the camp dining hall beginning at about 3:45 P.M.  Around 4:00 P.M., the campers will parade into camp and to Kiwani Owapi (the amphitheater next to the pavilion).  You are invited to watch the procession and the closing ceremony.  Immediately after the closing ceremony we invite you to join all of the campers and staff in the friendship circle for a closing rendition of Taps.  After Taps, you may check your child out from their counselor.  It is important for security purposes that you check-out with the counselor before leaving with your child.  The piece of paper you were given when you first arrived will be signed by the counselor and will be your ticket back out the gate.


2. Please bring your ID with you.

3. You will receive your camper’s all camp picture. If your camper went rafting, you will be able to purchase a photo of this activity.

4. If your camper brought medications to camp, please pick them up from the Nurse. You can also consult with our Health Center staff regarding any medical care your child received while at camp.

5. Make certain that you have collected ALL of your camper’s items prior to your departure. We do have “Lost and Found”; however, we cannot guarantee that any of your child’s missing items will be turned into our camp office.

6. If your child is leaving camp by alternate transportation, please see the Transportation Page for that detailed information. Campers leaving by air will leave on Saturday.

7. Camp families picking up their campers at checkout this summer can get 10% off lodging at Snow Mountain Ranch on Friday nights. To reserve your accommodations, please call YMCA of the Rockies Central Reservations Office at (888) 613-9622 and tell the reservationist you would like the CCO 10% discount.

Check out some questions that will help get the conversation started between you and your camper about his or her camp week.

For more information, please see our complete Parent Handbook (link below).



Parent Drop-off/Pick-up

You can bring your camper directly to camp between 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the opening day of their session. Check-out is on Friday from 3:15 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Please see our directions page for detailed driving direction to Camp Chief Ouray.

Bus Transportation

To and From Golden, CO (additional fee)
Bus Transportation is offered on the opening and closing day of each session from Exit 259 (Golden/Morrison) on I-70 the Hogback Jurassic Park-n-Ride Wooly Mammoth Lot. On opening day of each session, SUNDAY, the bus leaves Exit 259 at 12:00 p.m. (noon). Check-in for the bus begins at 11:30 a.m. On the closing day, FRIDAY, the bus arrives at Exit 259 between 7:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. A staff member always accompanies the campers on the bus.

Airport Transportation

To and from Denver International Airport (additional fee)
Pick-up: Sunday (Schedule flights between 10am & 2pm)
Drop-off:Saturday (Schedule flights between 12pm and 3pm)
Transportation Staff & Supervision  
  • A CCO staff member is always assigned to bus duty on arrival/departure days to accompany the trained First Transit bus driver.
  • A ratio of no less than 1 staff to 9 campers will be maintained which in accordance with Colorado State Law.
  • A safety orientation is recounted prior to departure.
  • Any staff member assigned to bus duty will possess First Aid and CPR. Prior knowledge of any campers with special needs will be ascertained through the required camp registration in advance so that adequate arrangements can be made.
  • Campers can only be released to parents listed on registration and those individuals named as "Allowed to Pick Up" on the camper's registration.
  • A signature and presentation of identification is required at the time of the bus camper's release from the camp staff.
  • The Travel Staff are hired and trained specifically to transport campers and staff in the camp vans.
  • The Travel Staff will only seat the number of passengers for whom there is safe seating with seat belts. (no standing or sitting in aisles).
  • There will never be more than two people in the front seat of a van.
  • There will never be less than one Travel Staff member and an assistant staff member or the two designated trip leaders in the van.
  • A vehicle safety orientation will take place prior to any departure.
  • Travel Staff will follow all applicable Colorado State Laws in vehicles transporting children including, but not limited to, safety education, seating, highway stops, relief drivers, supervision, and emergency procedures.
  • Health records with permission to treat signatures are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through the Health Center.
  • If an emergency occurs, the camp office is contacted and will fax the health form to the treating facility and contact the parents/guardians.

For more information, please see our complete Parent Handbook (link below).



Parent Handbook

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